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 RENEWED => General RULES of the forum... <=RENEWED

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Age : 29
Registration date : 2008-04-23

RENEWED => General RULES of the forum... <=RENEWED Empty
PostSubject: RENEWED => General RULES of the forum... <=RENEWED   RENEWED => General RULES of the forum... <=RENEWED EmptyMon May 17, 2010 6:08 am

Any infrigment may cause your deletion from the forum...


2) You must NOT POST topics which has PROFIT...such as..."How to earn easy money from internet". Any post related to that, will be deleted IMMEDIATELY, and the user will be notified. If the user continues to post such topics, he will be blocked, or even worse to be permanently deleted from our community.

3) It is MANDATORY that you provide a CORRECT e-mail. Please check that your registration email is still valid, if not, change it, since from now on, before you become a member of this forum you have to validate your registration by a link sended to your email.

5) In case you copy some text or passage of text from another site or some other printed or not source, it would be nice to refer the origin of the text at the end of the post.

6) Behave to the other users just like you want them to behave to you. Follow the rules, contribute to this forum and you won't have any proble to SMEForum.

a) Do not fight with other users for any reasons.
b) The moderators make decisions and the administrators have the final say.
c) In replys (answers) or even in openning a new topic...if we (administratos, moderators) watch a message with no meaning (such as "hgusdhgikushgu" and any other similar) the user after 5 similar responses will be block or removed permanently from SMEForum.
d) Do not curse in the forum. Do not use bad words in your post.
e) Do not spam.

In our effort to keep as much as possible to a better level this Forum we want to inform you that if for any of the following reasons you feel bothered by another member of SMEForum, then immediately send a personal message (PM) to any Administrator.

a) Harassment
b) Sexual Harassment
c) Harassment for no reason
d) Spamming
e) Defamation of this Forum or any member
f) PMing pornography or any insulting media
g) Invite to pornographic Sites
h) Frascistic/Nationalist/Religious Content Nuisance

If for any of the above reasons, you receive a personal message or even an e-mail, please immediately inform the management team by sending a personal message (PM), refering the member's username and we will immediately grip the matter.

WARNING: Do NOT DELETE your personal messages that you have received with this content, because you will have to send them to the ADMINISTRATOR team to verify your call.

RULES about the DOWNLOADING section:

If you are a member with less than 5 posts on the forum, than you do not have access on the download section of the forum! (You can not download anything of what we offer)!

RENEWED => General RULES of the forum... <=RENEWED 4jrs0h

RENEWED => General RULES of the forum... <=RENEWED Innocent1-1

Last edited by Blu3Th1nk3r on Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:10 pm; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : To renew the rules!)
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RENEWED => General RULES of the forum... <=RENEWED
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