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 1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner"

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In the name of the moon...

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1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner" Empty
PostSubject: 1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner"   1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner" EmptyMon Jun 06, 2011 12:22 pm

Here's a pic that I want to show and donate to the Forum; plans of basic color schemes for my newest SM model creation.

1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner" Sam_0510

The paint scheme I have chosen was the one of the middle, and even has now logos of brands that mark my life.

I'll show new results on the usual thread. Wink

A video will also be aired on YouTube, when this motorhome is completed!

1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner" 3jjtqxd1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner" 33ntvmy
1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner" 3kluw3w1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner" 3n422bx

~~~ "うさぎは、私にバインドされ、私の彼女にされています。一緒に、我々はペガサス"ヤマトの電源を使用して、執拗に悪と戦うよ!" ~~~
"Usagi is bound to me, and I to her. Together, we'll fight the Evil relentlessly, using the Power of Pegasus' YAMATO!" <<< Watashi no atarashii u~ebusaito/ fōramu/ burogu!
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1990s Neoplan Spaceliner "SerenityLiner"
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