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 Are you a Sailor Scout or Tuxedo Knight?

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A new star moon is born!

Age : 30
Registration date : 2011-10-29

PostSubject: Are you a Sailor Scout or Tuxedo Knight?   Sat Oct 29, 2011 9:14 pm

This is Ken and I'm trying to find some buddies of mine, you may know them or are one of them. I'm looking for the sailor scouts and tuxedo knights and I have a feeling they may be on here. I have already found Chad and Greg (Tuxedo Mars and Tuxedo Mercury) and I am Tuxedo Jupiter. We all are trying to find everyone else and I thought where else would everybody be except on one fo these forums or twitter or facebookee Smile So many places you guys could be and so little time.

Anyways MEATBALLHEAD screwed up and made us incarnate as regular humans so we could have a normal life but she forgot something very can't hide form the negaverse! They follwed us and are searching for us here and I need you guys to all come back and get together so we can figure this out (Scratches head).

Plus.....I miss you guys....sooooooooooooooooooo much Sad

I especially miss my love....Lita I love you

We are looking for you everywhere and I pray you guys on here....otherwise I'll look elsewhere for you.

Love and Light,

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Are you a Sailor Scout or Tuxedo Knight?
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